Create a new Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of free email service supported by Hotmail email is very popular because of big email storage, supports mobile devices and can work with Skype. Hotmail has a very deep history more than other mail systems. Each user has 5 gb storage limit and 25 gb of space Sky Drive. Bussiness and companies can take a email adress as their own domain name. This is a very important point for users prefering Hotmail as main email service. Hotmail has founded in 1996 as Microsoft’s mail. After a while Hotmail start to work with MSN. It is avaliable over 36 languages now. In 2013, Hotmail is replaced by Outlook.

How to Sign up Hotmail 

Firstly you must go to   Hotmail Sign Up

Or search the word of “Hotmail Sign up” on search engines like Google, Bing and click the top site from the list.


Your firstname and last name as your identity. Part of user name is the important because of your user name is your id, people will send and receive mails from user [email protected] for example. You may click the right button and choose, it is all about prefering.


Password ; Users need to create a password minimum 8 characters includes numbers and symbols. Passwords are case – sensitive.

Case sensitive means bigger letters are different from smaller letters. For example “a” is different from “A” in pass step.

country Country and Region ; It helps to use your Hotmail account in your mother language.

Birthdate ; Your birthdate as month/day/year.

Important Informations for Save your Hotmail

hotmail account save Phone number and Alternate email adress ; They are for users security as well. Hotmail users can be lost their own password sometimes. While you enter a current phone number or alternate email adress or both, Hotmail will send you a mail or message which include a code for saving your account.

Last Step


Enter the characters for prove you are a human, if you have some issues about see the characters than click the audio and enter what you going to hear. Than click the Create account, your Hotmail account is ready to use.

Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail’s inbox using is simple but there are some perks of explain to our visitors. After sign up, users will redirect to hotmail login page. On login page you will see your inbox and received mails. For send a new email click to “New”.

Left sidebar includes some folders like Inbox, tasks etc. You may organize and create new tabs in Hotmail.

Hotmail on Mobile

Microsoft has announced their own mail application “Outlook Mobile” in 2015, Android users can download from Google Play Store, IOS users can download from AppStore.